Welcome to Rebel Leadership Group! I'm honored that you felt called to learn more about us and how we can support you in authentic exploration, self-actualization, intuitive development and embodied leadership.  My mission through Rebel Leadership Group is to inspire and mentor entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders who are seeking growth, success and serenity through embodied leadership and intuitive guidance. I envision a world where all people know how to access their intuition to reach their dreams with confidence and authenticity, seeking to better themselves and their community. 

Rebel Leadership Group guides professionals aspiring to their true potential intuitively, embodying holistic, authentic exploration techniques that spark connection to self, community, and purpose. By building a collaborative, proactive support network, emerging leaders harmonize personal and professional goals and embark on a transformative journey towards true connection.

Non-Profit Support

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Embodied Leadership 

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Intuitive Sessions

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Online Community

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My passion lies in helping people navigate through periods of transition and offering them guidance, mentorship, intuitive support, and encouragement. Whether you are considering entrepreneurship, nonprofit work, leadership, career transitions, or simply seeking a change but don't know where to start, I would be honored to walk alongside you. My approach is rooted in faith and spirituality, and I am excited to help you discover the benefits that this can bring to your journey.

"Elise has served as a mentor to me and has continued to be an inspiration to myself and many others. She not only has the knowledge and credentials that keep her at the top tier as a leadership professional, but more importantly the life experience and empathetic compassion it takes to connect with those in need on a level that cannot be achieved by academics alone... and that's what sets her apart. I highly recommend her for any aspect of consulting/leadership/etc for the simple fact that she has natural talent and integrity that cannot be taught."
Chris V.
Vortex Concepts, LLC
"I have had the privilege of working with Elise on various projects in the last 5 years. She is an empathetic servant leader with a heart for the work that she does. She is a compassionate collaborator who is unwavering in her commitment to her team and to any project at hand. She is the team player who can be the coach, cheer leader and teammate all at the same time! She brings peace to the storms and light to the darkness. She is an asset and blessing to any team or project she is a part of. "
Tanya Ryder, M.Ed.
"Elise Padilla is an inspiring, knowledgeable, & supportive resource for women in all stages of their careers. Her clinical skills, business knowledge and professional experience are beautifully harmonized to give women a tailored coaching experience to take their passion and career to the next level. I am so grateful for the expert guidance & encouragement from Elise and give my highest recommendation to take advantage of her services!"

Valeria Martinez-Kaigi, PhD, MS

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